Round 4, Day 14

Friday morning I had to be at the Dr.’s office at 8:45 and since it was Friday, John was able to go with me.  My Hgb and Platetets were good enough to get treatment, but my WBC was at 2.0.  There is also a number that breaks down the white count even further, I can’t remember the name of that number right now (granulets?), but it was at 700 and it needed to be at 1,000 to normally get treatment.  It was looking like I wouldn’t have to get anything until Monday, which I was fine with.  Dr. Ellis was over at the hospital rounding and when they asked him what we should do, he wanted me to go ahead and get the lumbar puncture and chemo.  I think it was around 2 before I went down to the radiology for the lumbar puncture, this time with all of my pre-med orders I had triple-checked on.  When I got back up to the room I layed there for an hour and they started the other two kinds of IV chemo I had to get.  I was thankfully able to go home that night.  We left the hospital around 6 and stopped by to pick up our kiddo from John’s parents house. Friday night Ryan went to bed pretty early and I found a comfy spot on the couch to park it for a couple hours.

Saturday morning John & Ryan went to a nursery to buy some strawberry plants and went on a walk around the neighborhood.  That afternoon we got our grocery shopping done for the week and spent the rest of the day being lazy.  I finished The Reader, which I thought was alright and a really quick read.  Saturday night I started giving myself the neupogen shots again and will continue to do that until I go back to the Dr. on Thursday.

Yesterday I stayed at home with Ryan all day, when he listens it isn’t too hard on me, and for the most part he did really good.  We were getting a little restless after our morning nap so we took Eat, Pray, Love over to Cindy’s house since she wanted to borrow it.  By the time we visited there for a few minutes, John was home from work.  Ryan had not had an afternoon nap so we put him down and all slept for about 30 minutes.  It was around 5:30 when I decided to relax in a bath and start a new book- Water For Elephants.  I stayed up until almost 1 reading last night and have less than 100 pages left.

So today is day 14 of the 4th round and I pretty much have this whole week off!  Like I mentioned before I have to give myself the shots daily and go in on Thursday but other than that I should have a lot of free time!  My cousin Dustin and his roommate Lauren are going to come over this afternoon to watch a movie and hang out.  What I need to do before they get here is do/ put away laundry, but I am going to read instead.  Oh, and Happy Birthday to Sara and Courtney!


2 thoughts on “Round 4, Day 14

  1. Hummm…reading a good book over laundry…no contest! Glad you are giving yourself rest time over chores. Keep hanging tough…. we keep praying for you! 🙂

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