Beginning Round 4

I was thankful that John had Sunday off, although it was only because he traded Sunday for Monday.  Monday Ry-Guy and I stayed home all day by ourselves.  I was happy to be able to do it alone (mostly to prove to myself that I could), and he was great all day.  And adorable.  I was very ready for John to get home though, because I was very tired by that time.  And he even got to leave early.  I took a nice long bubble bath and relaxed for a while, so thanks to my wonderful hubby for letting me do that.

Yesterday I had a dr’s appointment at 1PM to get labs to see what my counts were.  I knew that if they were high enough we’d be able to start round 4 this week, but I didn’t think we’d start yesterday.  It was around 2 before I was able to talk to Dr. Ellis and my counts were high enough so he said, let’s start today!  I wasn’t expecting that, but it does make sense because this month the day of treatment will go hand-in-hand with the day of the month.  So basically yesterday I needed to have the lumbar puncture (spinal tap), 2 different kinds of chemo and 2 units of blood.  I ended up having to stay in the hospital last night, mostly because of the timing of it all.  When I went down for the lumbar puncture and they did not have any orders for pre-meds.  I had told Dr. Ellis earlier that I wanted the same thing I had last time, which was morphine, something called versed (thanks Winnie!) (you’re awake but it pretty much makes you forget, I remember it felt like the whole things lasted 2 minutes last time… it probably only takes about 10 from the time he gets the needle positioned in my back), and some kind of pill for anxiety.  But no, nothing.  I was being very difficult, pretty much refusing to do it and I started crying.  I delayed the procedure by about 40 minutes, but they finally ended up getting me morphine and an anxiety pill.  I got back to the room and was flat on my back for at least an hour like they recommend, they started the chemo and then the blood.   John came a little after 7, he picked Ryan up from his parents house on his way home from work and then had his sister Shannon and her friend Tiffany come over to stay with Ryan so he could bring me clothes, my pillow and dinner.  He stayed until almost 9 with me.   It was midnight last night before I was done with the blood transfusion.

I forgot how terrible it is to try to sleep in a hospital.  Between the beeping of the IV and people in and out of the room, it’s impossible to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time.  I cannot wait to go home and get into my own bed.  This morning I will get one kind of chemo and should be able to go home.  I am really trying to lay on my back as much as possible and take it as easy as I can because I DO NOT want another spinal headache like I had last time.   It was nearly two weeks of not being able to sit up without puking.  I am going to have to get a lumbar puncture every 10 days until I have 5 total this round.  I am thankful about this round (which is 49 days long) because although lumbar punctures aren’t fun, the treatment days are pretty spread out so I shouldn’t have to go in to the dr or outpatient as much.  I also should not have to spend the night on the days of the other lumbar punctures since we will start them early in the day and then do an observation period in the afternoon.


6 thoughts on “Beginning Round 4

  1. I think the “vespa” med is actually Versed (generic: midazolam) and it is a WONDERFUL med! You are sedated but not unconscious and don’t remember what happened. Pitch a big ole fit to get that before they start the big poking around on you! Glad you were able to start your next round and that your counts are better…praise God! Hang in there!!!! 🙂

  2. Glad your counts are back up! And glad you insisted on your meds! Take care of you. 🙂 Spend lots of time in that comfy bed.

  3. Here’s to another successful round! Way to demand what you need 🙂 Hospitals should have some type of ‘waitress’ that pushes a cart around with various meds for you to choose from!

  4. WAY TO GO, LAURA!!!!! You stand up for yourself. If they don’t have the meds, send someone in the waiting room to a local street corner. 🙂 jk
    I hope that doc learned a lesson.

    You stay as still as long as you can. Later little girl. Love you.

  5. You know, this amazing Versed sounds a lot like GOB’s “Forget-Me-Now” pill from Arrested Development (gotten that far, yet?) and we all know what that turned out to be…just saying, if you need an alternative. 🙂

  6. Laura,

    Way to go. Stand tough with the medical professionals. It is your body, your comfort level, mental and physical, that should should be considered. If they don’t look out for you, you have to do it yourself.

    Have they never considered “standing orders” for your procedures. Tell them, “Don’t make my Aunt come down here to take care of this”. LOL

    Love you

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