Memorial Day Weekend

It was a busy but fantastic weekend!  I am so thankful to have been able to spend time with friends and family.

Thursday evening we had the family over to grill some burgers and brats.  Jim & Maureen, Shannon & Kevin, Chris & Cindy and Jim & Amy and the kiddos all came over.  Jim, Amy and the kids spent the night and in the morning Jim made some delicious pancakes, eggs & bacon. It was nice to get to talk to Jim on a more one-on-one level for a while, and I know John appreciated getting to spend that time with his brother while he’s home on his R&R.

Friday afternoon my college roommate Karen came into town from Nashville.  I met her at my cousin Dustin’s house and we went to lunch at Maria’s downtown.  After lunch we went back to Dustin’s house to price some things for the big sale Saturday morning.   We headed back to my house to hang out with the little man before it was time for him to go to bed.  We have had plans for several months to watch a movie that may sound lame, but it if you know the back story you know how awesome it is that I found the movie The Albino Farm.  It’s a movie about an urban legend in Springfield, the movie was pretty terrible but the company was great.

Saturday was the big day!  Mom & Dad came into town and met us at the big sale around 10AM.  My dear friend Cassie was in charge of this part of the benefit.  There was so much stuff it took up all of their garage and then they had to rent a U-Haul to get everything there.  The sale was a huge success and what was not sold was donated to the Council of the Blind.  I cannot thank Cassie enough for all she has done for us, and we want to thank her husband Jared and her family too.  I know they were a huge help in loading, unloading, setting up and working the sale.

I think her sister said it best:

We headed to the park around 11:30 to start getting the grill going and the games set up for the BBQ.  The weather was perfect, there was a good breeze that made the shaded picnic tables a very good place to hang out.  We had a very good showing and I think all of the kids had fun playing and sliding.  The food was great, Cassie’s husband Jared’s family owns a few Hardees and they donated Thickburgers, so thank you!  I was wanted to thank my aunt Rhonda & uncle Danny who brought all the buns, chips, sodas and homemade pasta salad; my parents who brought all of the plates, napkins, utensils and the grill (and my dad and uncle Danny for doing the grilling); and my cousin Dustin who was in charge of organizing this part of the benefit.  It was really fun to play washers, hit the wiffle ball and watch our little buddy go down the slide a million times.  We were all worn out and ready to go home and take a nap before the main event, and so we did.

We got to the Eagles Lodge around 6:30 to help with any last minute setup, but they already had everything done.   We had spent a lot of time at the Eagles Lodge in college,  John & I were both in a business fraternity- AKPsi- and this is where we had most of our events.  Most of the crowd on Saturday was made of my AKPsi brothers.  Needless to say,  it brought back a lot of memories.

I would say there were about 50 people there for dinner, which was catered by the Pasta House.  Our close friend Chris (of the Chris & Cindy duo) is the manager of the Pasta House and they were very, very generous in the catering costs for the event and the food was spectacular!  Chicken parmesan and marsala, mac & cheese, salad and desserts.  Thank you Chris!  After dinner the entertainment was provided by Allen Ross & friends.  Once again, seeing Allen Ross play brings back a million memories although those mostly revolve around a bar called Culley’s.  So we want to give a big thanks to Allen for playing the event, I think everyone had a good time.  All night there were silent auction items to be bid on.  Cassie and Dustin did a tremendous job (I’m going to be running out of adjectives to describe how great they did soon) collecting all of the items for the auction, there were some really cool items.  If it weren’t for the donations of these items and the generosity of those bidding on them, the night would not have been nearly as successful.

Cassie and Dustin announced the grand total of all of the events throughout the day…. It is an estimated $8,200.  We are just so grateful for the hard work Cassie and Dustin put into putting this event on for us.  We are so thankful for everyone who came out to support us, everyone was very generous.  Taking some worry off of our shoulders during this time means more than you’ll ever know and there’s really no good way to say really say thank you.

I am sometimes sad about not having the energy to play with Ryan or take care of him like I feel I should be able to.  I am sometimes sad about not being able to plan for the long-term since I never know what my treatment schedule will look like.  I am sometimes sad about the inconvenience this all causes on John and my family.  BUT I am never sad at the amount of support I have around me.  My friends and family are amazing and I know I couldn’t make it through all of this without your love & support so again…   THANK YOU!

Sunday morning we had brunch with our friends Joe, Bryan, Tim, Laura J and Karen.  Mom & Dad were at our house with Ryan, when we got back they had to leave to head back home.  Our last couple visits with my parents have been really quick, next time we need to just do nothing!  Sunday evening we went over to Chris & Cindy’s house for dinner and a bon fire.  I love bon fires!  It is just so relaxing to sit and watch a fire and the weather was perfect.


4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Laura,

    There are NOT enough adjectives to describe all the support you have from family, friends, well wishers and angels surrounding you. I know all were happy to hear you had such a good weekend. Wish I had been there. Thanks Dustin and friends for all your hard work. I am proud of all of Laura’s legions of helpers.

  2. Loved getting to see you and wish we could do it much more often. Cassie and Dustin really did put together a pretty frickin’ amazing event.

    Miss you already. And Ryan too.

  3. I second Aunt Phyllis! So glad you had a great weekend. The bonfire pic is super….you are obviously having a really good time! We love reading your posts and continue to keep you in our prayers… 🙂

  4. So great to spend some time with you this weekend. Big thanks to Cassie and Dustin for all of their hard work. I’m proud to call you both my friends….you are amazing!! Keep Strong Lowa. Love you!!

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