Time with the Family

Last Thursday morning I met with Dr. Ellis to plan out my next round of treatments, the problem was that my counts were too low to determine a start date.  I didn’t get a print out of my labs from that day, but my WBC was below 1 and my platelets and Hgb were low enough to need to get platelets and blood.  We made arrangements for the transfusions and for neupogen all weekend and for me to go back in on Monday to do labs.  He had told me we weren’t going to do a bone marrow at the end of this round, but with my counts not coming up there is a chance that may have to happen.  I will know Monday.

Thursday after meeting with the Dr. I headed down to outpatient to get the platelets, I told Dr. Ellis I couldn’t get blood that day because I had some things to do (and it takes about 6 hours to get 2 units of blood).  John’s mom Maureen is retiring from teaching this year, and she was honored during a mass that morning.  I was unable to move my appointment since it was with the Dr, but the rest of the family went and also…  John’s brother Jim was coming in from Iraq!!  They didn’t tell the kids, nor did they tell Maureen (she knew he was coming home but didn’t know when), so Jim went to the school to surprise everyone.  I told everyone in outpatient what was going on and that I had to leave but would be back, they were all really excited for him and his family too 🙂   The kids were so, so, so excited to see their Dad and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Amy so happy.  Maureen was surprised and said it was one of the best days ever.

Later that evening we all had a family dinner to celebrate everything and it was very nice.   I got this cute picture of Ryan and Will after dinner:

Friday morning I was at outpatient by 8AM to get my 2 units of blood.  I was there until 2 in the afternoon, which was perfect timing- Brian, Jenn, Tyson and Marietta were already in town.  They got to the house the exact same time my cousin Dustin did and we spent the afternoon just relaxing and talking.  Brian wanted sushi because that’s what he thinks of when he thinks of visiting Springfield, probably because of all of the times I’ve forced him to go.   We decided we’d go to O’Hana for dinner and do hibachi/ sushi.

I had been out of neupogen shots at home and finally got it straightened out with the mail-order pharmacy and they had the shots overnighted to me.  I was then able to skip my appointment at outpatient for the weekend, woo hoo!  We had lunch with Dustin on Saturday afternoon, at Big Whiskey’s.  My favorite thing there is the buffalo chicken cheese dip, which I’ve talked about before, but it’s just soooo good.  (One of my uncles said that reading my blog makes him hungry, I do talk about food a lot).

It was a great visit and I’m glad they came down to see us, here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Last night Ryan spent the night with John’s parents so I would have today to rest.  I really needed a day to sleep in and take it easy, the past few days although really laid back are still really tiring.  I slept until almost 11 today and it was wonderful!  I am going to read on the deck and get a little bit of sun, then maybe take another nap.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Time with the Family

  1. Your pics are always so good and really add a nice touch to your writing talents. So happy you had some good quality “family time”! We’re keeping the prayers going for you…..hang in there!!! 🙂

  2. So glad you had a great weekend with the family Laura! Big Whiskey’s is one of our favorites too! Hope to see you after your appointment tomorrow! Have a good evening with your boys.

  3. What a wonderful weekend! Rest up and I wish you a great week ahead…lots of fun things will be happening, it looks like!

  4. Oh my goodness, that last picture! 🙂 What angels! And I’m so glad to see that Ryan has the same swirly cowlicks he had as a wee one. Glad you guys had a great weekend!

  5. Hi Laura, so glad to hear from you. glad your brother- in- law is home from Iraq too. sounds like you had a really nice weekend. i love it when you send pictures. what beautiful children your brother-in- law has. almost as cute as Ryan ha ha. take care and get lots of rest. you are still in my thoughts and prayers every day. love ya, Nin

  6. agreed. that last pic makes my heart melt. hope your reading on the deck is wonderful and your nap! glad you are sleeping again. 🙂

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