2B: Day 22

I had to be at the office at 10:30 this morning to get labs done and they’re not getting any higher:

WBC: .3

Rgb: 8.7

Platelets:  4

This means I still get chemo, but have to get platelets and will continue to give myself neupogen shots until at least Thursday when I go back for more counts.  It’s currently 3:45 PM and the platelets have just now arrived from a hospital across town where they had to be irradiated and other big words I don’t understand.   Today outpatient is so crowded that I can’t even see a window.  I’m guessing it’s still gray & gross outside, like it has been for the past week.

I’m hoping to see some sunshine this week, but it doesn’t look like it’s in the cards.  This weather makes me want to nap when I’m perfectly healthy, I may not get out of bed tomorrow!

Yesterday Ryan had a runny nose and in the evening started to feel warm.  I took his temperature this morning and he was not running a fever.  I’m praying my little buddy is not coming down with something.  Both for his comfort and for my selfishness, since my counts are so low I shouldn’t be around feverish people.

Things I’m happy about today:

  • I started a book that I really am enjoying and have had plenty of time to read today – Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I’ve had a mental picture of what she looks like in my head as I’ve been reading about her experiences, but I just googled her to see a real picture.  I wasn’t that far off.  🙂
  • Our friend Laura K is bringing us dinner tonight -Tacos!  Such a blessing on days like today when I’m stuck here all day 🙂
  • Countdowns!  Brian, Jenn, Tyson & Marietta will be here in 4 days and Karen will be here in 11.  Other special people may be traveling far distances (very, very far distances) and I hope to see him soon, but will update on that as it happens.  Right Amy?  wink wink  😉

5 thoughts on “2B: Day 22

  1. ditto on Karen’s comment. i just read it this last fall. hope the sun comes out for you and lil ry guy doesnt get sick.

    What has 10 letters that starts with gas?

    — Automobile.

    xoxo, jg

  2. Eat Pray Love was so great! Get ready for some serious pizza cravings after you read it! 🙂 Hope Ryan isn’t getting sick…at least if he gets a fever, we know the cure.

    More Cowbell.

  3. Laura — You have to be one of the most resilient and positive people on the planet. I love the “happiness list”!!! Sorry your counts are being so stubborn, but thankful you can do the neupogen shots yourself. Hang in there! — 🙂

  4. Eat, Pray, Love is the best! Totally agree with Stac, get ready for some serious Italian food cravings. She has another book out this year called “Committed”, havent read it, but its next on the list.

    Miss you. XOXO

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