2B: Days 16 & 17

The past couple days have been relatively uneventful, yesterday I had to go to outpatient to get my second unit of blood that I couldn’t finish up on Monday.  I get blood when the Hgb number is low, and I can tell when that number is low by how I feel… tired, sluggish, out of breath by walking up the stairs, dizzy if I stand up too quick, etc…  So having had a couple units of blood the past couple days, I have felt a little surge of energy.

Yesterday I tackled the giant mountain of laundry to be put away.  I had even carried a couple loads up and did a load of Ryan’s clothes.  I cleaned the kitchen, including mopping.  Today I went to Sam’s to get some snacks to sell at the Relay event I’m doing this weekend.  I vacuumed, organized a lot of paperwork and shredded a bunch of stuff, but most importantly… set up the Play Station 2 in the bedroom.  It’s something I’ve been meaning to do since we got a Wii.  Now when I don’t blog for a day or two you’ll know exactly what I’m doing… wasting a lot of time playing the Sims!

My friend Kristin brought us dinner tonight, beef stew and lemon cake.  I am so thankful for the meals from my friends!   Ryan loved it and I bribed him with the dessert so I could cut his nails while he was restrained in his high chair.  It’s such a fight every time.  He looks at me with huge tears in his eyes asking “why are you doing this to me?!”  You other Mom’s out there, how do/did you do it?  He won’t let me do it while he’s sleeping so giving him sweets is the best I can come up with…   He was, however, exceptionally good during bath time and afterwards he sat on my lap for several books before he peacefully went to sleep.  He’s the best baby boy ever 🙂


3 thoughts on “2B: Days 16 & 17

  1. The picture of your little man is precious! I don’t have any secrets from my experience with the girls cutting nails but bribery is not a bad thing and if it works….so be it! Glad your energy level is coming up. Hang in there and don’t overdo!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Laura, so glad you are feeling the burst of energy. I imagine it must feel really good to do things, even if it is mopping. oooh What a cute picture of baby Ryan. What an angel face. As far as clipping his nails, maybe you could try letting him clip yours, make a game of it. Anyway, good luck. Give him a big hug and kiss for Ninny. Love ya, Nin

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