The next few days

I will probably not be posting the next fews days as we are going to STL tonight.  It was supposed to be today but when I got my labs at 9:30 this morning they told me I needed blood (which I thought I could have got a couple days ago), two units of blood that take two hours apiece.  So, it’s 4:39 and I’m still in outpatient.  I should finish up around 5 and when I get home I still need to pack.  We will go to DeSoto to drop off Mom & Ryan then John & I still have to drive to STL to our hotel next to Barnes.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:15.

Tomorrow night is Relay for Life in Festus and Saturday afternoon we’re having a BBQ.  We are heading back to Springfield Saturday night because John has to work on Sunday.  I’m tired just thinking about it!  And my counts are still really low, lower than last time.  My WBC is 1.0 which means I should really avoid all people and stay in my safe house, but I am going to do the exact opposite.

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “The next few days

  1. Goodluck darlin’. Sounds like a fun, yet busy weekend. I am crossing my fingers its a good weekend for you. (oh and that I win the raffle).

  2. Hey girly-girl, you have a blast this weekend. We’ll be praying for you in class. God, I love to be able to say that…prayer in school, who knew. 🙂
    Yeah, I’m being a smart a$$ because the public school teachers can’t say that.

    Enjoy your quiet time together.

    Love you.

  3. Hi Laura,
    Hope you have fun this weekend. You’re in my thoughts and prayers every day. Give baby Ryan a big kiss and hug for me. Love to all, Nin.

  4. Stay safe and away from people, and have a fun weekend!!! Praying for a good report from the doctors @ Barnes! Post again when the dust settles…we always look forward to reading them and keeping up with how you are doing. Hang in there!!! 🙂

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