Bone Marrow #3

Yesterday morning I had my third bone marrow biopsy.  The last one I did was about a month ago and my sister-in-law Amy went with me.  It was no problem, they drugged me up, I was even so curious as to check out the needle when they were done, and then we went out for sushi.  It was the same thing this time, but for some reason about a hundred times worse.  The doctor doing it said sometimes that’s just how it is, I just felt like no matter what, he wasn’t numbing me up enough.  Then he didn’t get a big enough sample the first time and had to go back in.  It was rough, but was over soon enough.  I went to sleep as soon as we got home and pretty much layed around all day.  John did a  great job of keeping Ryan occupied so I could rest a little.

Ryan went to sleep a little after 7 last night, early for him, so I figured he’d be up at 7 AM this morning.  I woke up at 9 and we still hadn’t heard a peep from him.  I went back to sleep but it was a worried sleep, like “How can Ryan actually be sleeping in this late?”  I finally got up at 10 and got him up too.  He has already had two glasses of milk, a waffle and a banana and is asking for more.   It amazes me how much food his little body can hold and how far his little belly can stick out.

This afternoon my plan is to head to Kansas City.  I had told Dr. Ellis that I didn’t want to start my 2B treatments until Monday because I had some things I’d like to go out of town for.  This weekend is my friend Joanna’s bachelorette party and wedding shower weekend.  Tonight my plan is to stay with and hang out with my cousin Drew, take it easy.  Then meet up with all of the girls tomorrow for the shower.  My left hip is pretty sore, but I think I’ll be ok driving up and back by myself.  I pretty much have my mind made up, so even if it hurts I’m pretty sure it’s happening 🙂

I called my doctors office yesterday to figure out exactly what is going on for Monday.  I’m supposed to be admitted but when I asked yesterday when I was getting admitted to outpatient, they didn’t have the orders yet.  That’s because my nurse told me there aren’t any orders.  They are supposed to call me on Monday morning and let me know what I’m supposed to do.  Also yesterday my friends Justin and Tracy had their second baby Eli, he’s so precious.


6 thoughts on “Bone Marrow #3

  1. I am sitting here bawling….I am so happy you are coming to the shower. I was hoping and hoping and when in a past blog you said you went to buy a dress, I just hoped and hoped again.

    If you need a place to stay, you know where the guest room is. I love you!

  2. Hey Lowa…I was sorry to hear that your procedure was so rough on you. You are a sweet girl to think of us when you obviously have so much going on.

    We really want to introduce you to our new little man. After we get settled in at home, we would like to bring the boys over to see you at your place. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful surprise when I pulled up and saw your car today! I am so honored that you made it, sore hip and all. It was so nice to see you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Hope you had a safe drive back!

  4. It was so special for everyone that you made that trek for Joanna’s shower — just an awesome, awesome surprise getting to see you, blondie. 🙂

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