Free Day

I had a free day today!  Amy came over around 10 and we went to Target with the kiddos to pick up a couple things.  We got back around 11 and put the boys down for a nap.  My friend Niki is in town, so my cousin Dustin & I met her for lunch at Ebbet’s Field.  We all worked together at the movie theater in Festus.  It was fun catching up… talking about old times and what everyone we knew then is up to now.  Gosh, those were some fun times and crazy people 🙂

When I got back Ryan was awake and finishing up lunch himself.  Cashel soon woke up and the boys played downstairs for a while.  Amy needed to pick up the older kids from school so she was nice enough to let Ryan ride along for about an hour so I could take a nap.  It was fabulous.  It wasn’t even that busy or hectic of a day, but I am just so worn out that it makes it hard to make it through dinner time and early evening without getting some little sort of nap in the afternoon.

Kristin brought over dinner:  salad, meatloaf and baked beans.  It was really good.  Meatloaf is something that my mom never really made growing up so I really don’t know how to make it, but I really like it.  It hit the spot.  Ryan had an oreo for dessert.  His Daddy caught this picture of a combination of all of those things on his face:

This evening we had a Relay for Life team meeting at Starbucks.  It’s coming along really nicely, Amy is doing a great job as team leader.  I have met my fund raising goals for both of the Relays I am doing, so I feel good about that.  On May 7th and 8th my Springfield team is having a yard sale, so if anyone has been doing some spring cleaning (or needs to!) and needs to get rid of some items cluttering up your home, let me know and I can arrange to take those items off your hands.


5 thoughts on “Free Day

  1. Btw, who are these crazy theater people??

    It’s not like we ever stayed the night there or anything.
    *mischievous smile*

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