2:21- 22

Yesterday was a pretty slow day so I didn’t want to bore you all of with the details.  I had to go to my doctors office at 12:15 to get labs before I was to go down to get my neupogen shot for the day.  Turns out my labs were so good, I didn’t need to go to outpatient at all!

WBC:  11.3
Platelets:  286,000 (that’s so high it doesn’t even seem like it could be right, normal range is 140- 440)
Rgb: 12.5

Yesterday was John’s day off so he and Ryan had fun playing in the park and around town.  I wasn’t feeling too well, kind of sick to my stomach, so I went home and took a nap.  In the evening we went to the Pasta House for dinner and got home right before Mom & Dad got into town.  We hung out at the house and watched the Cards game.  I fell asleep on the floor, Mom had given me a massage and I was so tired.

Today I had to be at outpatient at 10AM to get two different types of chemo.  On the weekends I go to a different building and it’s not nearly as crowded.  It’s also clear they’re not as experienced in giving chemo, I guess they normally do a lot of blood products and shots.  The lady was very worried, wanted to make sure I’d had it before and was going to hook me to a heart monitor.  She messed around with that heart monitor for about 30 minutes, it was out of batteries, she couldn’t find the AA, turns out maybe it takes AAA instead.  Nope, that didn’t work so we just decided to skip it.  Half an hour of my life wasted.

Dad picked me up, we went back to the house for a small lunch before we headed to Rock N Ribs!  It was so crowded, we just picked a line and got in it.  We did sample some good BBQ and Dad about got in a fight with the guy in front of us for cutting in line.  Not really, but he did say something.  Look at how intimidating he is.  I wouldn’t cut in front of him.

Ryan just lounged back and waited to be fed.  What a life!

I’m sad that tonight I’m missing my cousin Larry’s son Ethan’s baby shower.  I can’t believe I still haven’t met Baby Tyson!  Miss you all, wish I were there… and sorry I stole Mom & Dad too.  My niece Torie is going to Prom tonight, hard to believe she’s old enough to be dating… and a SENIOR at that!

Sara had a successful fundraiser for our Relay for Life team this morning selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  She set everything up, went to get them, and sold them til they were gone.  THANK YOU SARA, you’re the best!!    THANKS to all who helped- Matt, Lisa, Emily, Tracy & Richie and everyone who came out to buy them!

We went to Red Lobster for dinner (surprise, surprise) and Ryan got to a touch a lobster.  He was kind of scared of it so he just ended up waving goodbye.

It was kind of chilly out after dinner, but we stopped by the park so Ryan could show off his slide skills.  He goes down the big slide no problemo.  He’s such a big dude.


5 thoughts on “2:21- 22

  1. LOL! I love the picture of Jas & thinking of him getting in a fight! And what an adorable picture of Ryan going down the slide. 🙂

    Kudos to Sara & the rest of my team for raising so much money today!

  2. he is such a big dude. look at that beautiful smile! glad to hear you had a good day. and that no fights broke out at the rib fest. man, i hate cutters too!

  3. Great numbers on your labs, Laura, and great pics too! Glad you had a good day. We’re continuing to keep you in our prayers! 🙂

  4. Hey Laura, We missed you at Ethan’s welcome home shower. Everyone was holding you in our thoughts though and sending you our love. We missed your mom and dad too. Linda picked up our share of donuts for your fund raiser. I am still eating them and you know how bad I need that. LOL

    Love you,

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