Today was a “normal” day, technically only the second “normal” day Amy & I have had since this all started.  John took Ryan over to his parents house on his way to work, that way I get to sleep in a little and take my time getting ready.  Amy brought Ryan and Cashel over around 9:30AM, just in time for the morning naps.  Ryan napped from 10-1, once he woke up it was lunch time, then downstairs to play for the rest of the afternoon.

Amy left around 3 to go pick up the kids from school and I tried to put Ryan down for an afternoon nap.  I guess he thought a 3 hour morning nap was good enough and didn’t care to rest this afternoon.  We played for a while until Courtney and her son Jack stopped by to bring us dinner – Papa Murphy’s pizza!  Yum!  Jack is walking now, I just said it last post but it’s crazy how fast time flys by – we were pregnant at the same time (not for very long) and it doesn’t feel like that long ago!

After dinner we went to our nephew Will’s art show at Immaculate Conception where he goes to pre-school (and where Audrey goes and John’s mom teaches).  He’s such a handsome little dude.  That’s a picture of the beach and the ocean.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the doctor to do labs and then should get outpatient chemo.  That’s what happened last time when I ended up in the hospital for 5 nights!  I’m just hoping for a completely un-efficient day at outpatient instead 🙂


2 thoughts on “2:17

  1. Good morning Laura, hope you have a wonderful day. What a cute picture of baby Ryan. And Will is so cute too! That is some good art work. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Hope to see you soon. Love, Nin

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