2:16- Going Home!

I woke up feeling a lot better this morning than I had the previous days.  I think it’s because John spent the night with me last night (even though he left really early to go to work) and I started some new pain meds yesterday.  Those factors, plus my counts are up:

WBC:  2.7 (woo hoo!)

Platelets:  19,000

Hgb:  10

Like Dr. Williams thought yesterday, I just needed some platelets and I could go home!  It always takes a while to get the platelets here, they have to come from a hospital across town and be irradiated and other fancy stuff before I get them.   I got my dressing for my hickman site changed, so that means no visit from the home health people tomorrow, no outpatient, and the day off!!

John left work to pick me around 3, I think it was around 4 by the time we had the car packed up and were on our way.  I had a prescription to drop off so we went by Wal-Mart, they could not fill it.  They did not have enough to fill it all, this is the third time this has happened and it’s really annoying.  We went to Walgreens instead.  We finally got home right around 5.

John’s parents brought Ryan home around 5:45.  He now says “bear” and knows a bear says “grrrr”.  I have to get a video of him saying bear, it’s hilarious.  Kayti brought over dinner pretty much as soon as Ryan was dropped off-  chicken broccoli alfredo with a salad, garlic bread, and muffins for dessert.   It was sooo good and the timing couldn’t have been better, thanks Kayti and Anevay.  🙂

After dinner we turned on the Cards game and played for a while before putting Ryan to bed.  I took a bubble bath and now I’m finishing up the blog and looking forward to laying in bed.  Probably no use in finishing up the game, Carpenter is having a rough night.


8 thoughts on “2:16- Going Home!

  1. Laura, I’m sooo glad you got to go home and are feeling better. Give baby Ryan a big hug and kiss for me. Have I told you I think you are amazing? Well I do. You’re such a trooper. Love ya, Nin.

  2. Hi Laura,

    I’m so glad you got to go home. I hope you are enjoying your day off sitting on your deck enjoying the sunshine. I’m praying that you continue to feel good. See you soon. Krystal

  3. Laura,
    It was so good to see you….sorry I left so early, but I thoght you would want to spend time with Ryan. Glad you are home!!!! Love ya!!

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