Once again, another pretty boring day as far as treatments go.  I got two different kinds of IV chemo this afternoon around 3.  I am still on the IV antibiotics.  I talked to Dr. Williams, who works with Dr. Ellis, and she seemed to think as long as my counts were ok, I might just get some platelets in the morning and get to go home.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Here were my counts today:

WBC:  1.3 (I asked if they like to see a certain number before they discharge and she said 1.5…)

Platelets:  19,000

Rgb:  9.5

I feel like I had a rough morning… I miss my boys and my house, it was just so nice outside, and I’m sick of being stuck in here!  I guess I did awesome my first bout in the here and this might be more of what to expect.  Counts get low, things happen and you have to be stuck to an IV pole for a few days.  As long as I can mentally prepare myself, my next stay here might not feel like being in prison.  Thankfully I had a couple friends visit.  My friend Joy stopped by, I think the last time we saw each other was in 2008, it’s crazy how time flys.  While she was here John brought Ryan up for a few minutes. Here is a picture John sent from when they were playing before nap time this morning.  How could you not miss that face?

Once they all left my friend Lindsay stopped by with some devilish cookies, brownies and a cinnamon roll!  I was able to be unhooked from the IV so when she left I walked her out and we sat outside by the fountain for a little bit.  It’s amazing what a few minutes of sunshine can do for your soul and how much you take advantage of the little things in life.  I never would have been grateful for sitting outside by a fountain before any of this.

John came back up with some Mexican food, I had a couple tacos.  I can only stand a couple hospital meals a day, even when it is delivered room service style to my room.  After dinner we watched an episode of Weeds, after I spent about 2o minutes trying to tell him everything he’s missed in the 10 episodes I watched without him.  I’m afraid I have a new addiction.  After one episode we decided to take a walk back down to the fountain.

John went back to the house to straighten up in anticipation of my possible homecoming tomorrow and to meet up with some friends for a bit, but he’s coming back up to spend the night.  I’m very happy for that and for him being so great in all of this 🙂


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