Yesterday was, for the most part, a long and uneventful day at the hospital.  My counts were really low again.

WBC:  0.3

Platelets:  17,000

Hgb: 8.8

I got platelets, but no blood.  I got my pill chemo and the neupogen shot.  Other than that, it was a lot of waiting around.

My friend Courtney came up for lunch and we had some $5 footlongs.  It was good to see her, I haven’t seen her since the first time I was in the hospital.  John came up in the evening and spent a couple hours with me too.  Other than that, my day was pretty boring.  I’ve been really sore from the neupogen shots and just worn out so I took a couple naps and layed around all day.  I finished my book and watched some episodes of Weeds.

Today my counts aren’t any better:

WBC:  .3  (still?!)

Platelets:  14,000  (how do they go down when I just got them yesterday?)

Hgb:  7.9

I have already got some new platelets in my system and I’m going to be getting 2 units of blood.  Today is the last day in the second cycle that I’ll have to take the chemo pills.  My doctor stopped by this morning and told me that he thinks I’ll get out of here on Sunday.  Tomorrow I get two different kinds of IV chemo, so he wants to make sure I do ok with that and hope my counts come up.  I am still on IV antibiotics as well.

John brought my little man by to see me for a little bit today, I had not seen him since Monday afternoon.  That’s a really long time, but he had a runny nose and a little cough.  We think it’s just allergies, but with my counts being so low we have to be careful. I loved getting some Ryan kisses, but it just makes me want to go home that much more.

John took him over to his parents house and came back up to visit for a couple hours.  Father Reidy from SEAS came by to visit for a minute, it was good to see him.  Now I have the rest of the night to relax.  I think I’ll continue on my new TV series I’m hooked on (Weeds), or start The Thirteenth Tale, a book my cousin Drew got me.


5 thoughts on “2:13-14

  1. Praying for God to restore your WBC’s and platelets back to where they should be….Hgb too! Glad you got to see your little guy and collect some kisses. Hang in there!

  2. I’ve never seen Weeds… What’s it about?

    $5 footlongs makes me think of Key West. :). Let’s go back there. Right now. I bet a “clothing optional” bar would fix your counts right up! 😀

    love ya!

  3. Has the Doctor said why he thinks your counts are so low? Is it the infection?

    I hope you get to go home to your men on Sunday! Like usual, I’ll keep you in my prayers. Stay strong.


  4. Come on Big Numbers, Big Numbers….My prayers for you are starting to sound like I’m a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! Hugs and strength sent your way Laura.

  5. Hey Laura,

    Sorry about those low numbers. Marv and I will ask for prayers again at church tomorrow for you.

    When you are strong enough, we want you and your boys to come up to KC, spend the night if you want….but gotta take you to Garozzo’s. Wonderful Italian food. Had it last night and can’t wait to go back 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Stacy and Justin lived in the area? Love you, girl. Kiss Ryan for us. Tell John that was one of the sweetest cards ever….and please stop sending them 🙂

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