As mentioned earlier, last night was one of the most interrupted nights of sleep ever.  I think someone was in here once an hour wanting to do something to me.  I slept with the TV on so whenever someone came in to take my blood pressure  or whatever they were doing, I could stare at something to stay awake.  I vaguely remember watching Jimmy Fallon at 3 AM, I didn’t know he came on again that late (early?) and I don’t even think it was a repeat from earlier in the night.  I think he’s cute and love the game he plays on his show  “Dance your hat and gloves off”.  🙂

This morning around 8:30 I was wheeled down to radiology to have them look at where my hickman comes out of my chest.  There is a “cuff” that is supposed to stay inside of my body, the cuff is just a part of the tube probably about an inch long, that’s a little thicker and wider than the rest of the tube.  It had started to come out yesterday morning and by this morning there was probably another inch of tube before the cuff started.  The doctor who did that procedure said that they would take out the old tube and put in a new one, trying to use the same hole as long as it didn’t look infected.  If it did they would take it out and put the line in somewhere else.  They knocked me out for this procedure (thank God!) and when I woke up I was pleased to see the line was in the same place.   I came back up to my room and was able to shower, I felt much better after that.

I feel like this blog post needs a picture, so here’s a random one of Ryan from Easter:

Here are my counts for the day:

WBC:  .2

Platelets:  28,000

Hbg:  8.2

I got a neupogen shot since my WBC was so low.  I know the platelets are low because earlier I got a nose bleed for no reason, kind of scary.  They are low, but not quite low enough for Dr. Ellis to order me to get them.  I am still getting IV antibiotics to try to take care of any kind of infection that could be going on with my hickman site.  I am also getting another unit of blood tonight.  I still haven’t got it, we have to wait to get it from a different hospital in town and then our pharmacy didn’t have an order for my pre-meds (tylenol and benedryl) so my RN Karen had to get ahold of a Dr. to get that straightened out.  That’s what is so frustrating about being here, the amount of time it takes to do get things done.  It takes a couple hours to get the blood and it’s already 8, I was hoping to be able to get to sleep early tonight…

John stopped by after work and brought Arris pizza, nothing has really been sounding that great, but I managed to down a few pieces of that.  Since I’m here I have to miss the Relay for Life team meeting Amy is leading at Starbucks.  Sorry I can’t be there guys!  Amy, if it makes you feel any better, I have gotten TONS of compliments on my sock monkey slippers since I’ve been here.  Amy has also been watching runny nosed Ryan the past couple days.  Guess he hasn’t been a little ray of sunshine for them.  He is going home with his Daddy tonight and will go to Prime daycare tomorrow.

I still don’t know when I’ll get to come home, hopefully tomorrow but I guess it depends on the some blood results testing the level of antibiotics in my system (or something like that, it could blood results to see if there is an infection…don’t ask me, I’m not a doctor!) and then what my counts look like in the morning.  I only packed for a couple days and I’m almost finished with my book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, if I stay again tomorrow John’s going to have to bring me some more clothes and a new book.  I have a huge stack of ones to start next, I just have to decide which one.  As for the rest of the evening, I’ll probably finish up the Cards game and put on Food, Inc. from Netflix.


7 thoughts on “2:12

  1. Hope you get to go home soon, sounds like a rough couple of days. I love how you stay funny throughout all of this…that little line about Ryan not being a ray of sunshine made me laugh. Enjoy Food Inc. (I still need to add that to my Netflix, but I’m scared I’ll never look at food the same!) and your books…let us know what’s next! Love and sleep good! ~Joj

  2. So what I’m hearing through all of this is that there is a market for a “chemo coordinator”…kind of like a wedding coordinator. You hire them and they do all the shouting/arranging/scheduling for you. I, too, am reluctant to watch Food, Inc! But seasons 1-4 of Weeds are on instant queue — woohoo!

  3. Tough days for you right now! Be strong and know friends are praying everywhere. I really like that “chemo coordinator” concept…bet there would be a market for that!!! Hang in there, Laura!

  4. Hope you get to go home soon, Laura! Hopefully you were able to get a good night’s sleep last night. You are such a positive and brave person! Love you and your bright and funny spirit. 🙂

  5. I love that you keep up the humor through all of this and can write about everything. It’s great therapy. I could probably write enough to fill up a whole ream of paper! Oh by the way……the neclace is MINE. Joan just came by and sold ME the winning ticket. I hope you have a better day. Take care.

  6. The only time I got a nose bleed out of nowhere was after our trip to Mardi Gras! Glad you have a “Nurse Karen” to take care of you.
    I’m gonna need a book recommendation since you’re reading so much lately.
    And Food Inc is really interesting…and crazy.

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