2:11 – Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

Yesterday was a really long day and I didn’t have the strength to write about it last night.   I had to be at the doctors office at 8:45AM to get some labs done before I went down to outpatient to get my last shot of this whole round.  They drew my labs and the RN told me they were not good.

WBC: .3  (really, really low)

Platelets:  31,000

Rgb:  6  (half of what is normal)

Since my white counts were so low, my RN’s guess is that I wouldn’t get getting chemo that day and I would need a couple units of blood since my rbg was about half of what is should be.  Another problem I had going on was that ever since the home health lady came to change my dressing, it had really been hurting.   I was running a bit of a fever 99.1 (usually 97 something).  There was a chance that it was infected, so between all of that, Dr. Ellis wanted to admit me for a day or two.

John was leaving work to take me, so I went home, ate, and started packing for a couple nights.  We headed up to check-in around noon.   We waited there for about a half an hour and I went up to the desk and said “They told me they didn’t have a room ready for me, I just wondering if there was an open one yet.”  She volunteered us to leave and give her my cell phone number and that she would call when it was ready.  Sweet!  We had asked about that last time I checked in and she wouldn’t let us leave.  So we went driving around, listening to music.  We ended up at the park at Lake Springfield, so we did a little swinging and sat at a picnic table for a little while.   We also went to The Pasta House for a few minutes since it’s right by the hospital.  It was around 3:00 when they called to tell us to come back.

I was up in my room (534) by around 3:30.  They asked if I had ate in the past 6 hours, yes I had, so there was nothing they were going to do with the hickman until the morning.  So I still needed to get my chemo shot, get 2 units of blood and start on some antibiotics.  Sometime that evening they started the antibiotics.   There was some trouble getting the shot, and also getting me some pain pills.  I had  not taken anything for pain since that morning and it wasn’t until 9 PM when I got something, and it was morphine.  As weird as it sounds, morphine does nothing for me, I could have used something around 4PM, so I was hurting pretty bad.   Around 9 was the same time they started the first unit of blood.  Sometime in the next couple hours I got the shot.  Around 11:30 or 12 they started the second bag of blood.  So basically I was up all night with people in and out, a terrible night’s sleep so much so that I am nodding off right now.  I will do another post later updating you with today’s evens.


8 thoughts on “2:11 – Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

  1. Hey Lowa! Sorry you have had such a rough day but glad they are taking necessary precautions. Thinking of you a lot today. Miss you and hope this day is easier and you get some rest.

  2. Laura, so sorry to hear you had to go back to the hospital. As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are home soon. If there is anything I can do for you, John, or baby Ryan, please let me know. It would be a blessing for me. Love ya, Nin

  3. Sorry this was such a rough day. Keeping you in prayers for better ones ahead. You are one strong lady! Hang in there!!!!

  4. I am sorry you had such a bum day, but I am glad that you’ve got no choice but to rest today! I’ll be thinking of you, my dear. Loves!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I hope your day has gotten better! I’m so sorry it’s been so difficult. I’m thinking and praying for you!



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