This morning me and Ryan got to have breakfast with “Maw-Maw” and “Paw-Paw” since Mom & Dad spent the night and volunteered to stay with Ryan while I went to outpatient.  Yesterday it took 15 minutes to get my shot and today took 2 hours!  It’s so frustrating not knowing how long you’ll be there, like I said, very inconvenient for my schedule.  Luckily last week I had made an appointment to have a “patient advocate” come talk to me while I was there.  So this time, instead of sitting in the row of chairs, I grabbed a room with a comfy bed.  She came up and we talked about unemployment, social security disability, and then some other grants we can apply for to help offset the costs of treatment, prescription co-pays and travel expenses.  Honestly, it wasn’t very helpful, but I did leave with some paperwork for one thing we can apply for.

I got home just in time for first pitch for the Cards season opener.  Mom & Dad stayed just long enough to see Albert hit his first homerun of the season so I got to hear Dad mumble on about that for a few minutes.  “Everyone else can go home, Albert has this one covered…  We’ll just pay him another 5 million for that, maybe the Yankees will pick him up.”  The usual Albert bashing Dad does, but deep down we all know he loves him.  Speaking of the Cards, Mom brought this vase of homemade flowers my cousin Jeanie made.  Jeanie is the cousin that I ushered with at Busch Stadium for all of those years.

And while I’m on the subject of homemade flowers, I received another bunch from Lauren in Cali.  What a beautiful collection I’m getting!

Ryan was napping when my parents left and when he woke up John’s parents were here.  I wonder what he thinks when that happens.  He went with them around 2 and will be spending the night since John has a meeting at 6:45 AM.  I have to go to the Doctor at 8:45 tomorrow morning to have labs done before I go for my chemo shot.  It’s the last one in this round, thank goodness!  I’m tired of feeling nauseous and worn out.  I still have to take the chemo pills until Saturday.  I believe I’ll have to go into outpatient to get IV chemo on Saturday, two different kinds so I’m sure that will take most of the day.   But after that I should get a couple days off!

The home health people came at 3 to change the dressing around my Hickman and that took about a half an hour, but after that I finallly got a little nap!  Now, here we are.  I’m waiting for my husband to get home and Diane is bringing us dinner tonight!  I looked at the meal planner calendar Kayti set up and it looks like all of April is full, that is awesome guys!  Thanks so much.  It’s great knowing you have friends who will take time out of their busy schedules to cook some food and bring it over.  We really, really appreciate all of you!!


2 thoughts on “2:10

  1. Laura,

    I, too, am so proud of your in-town-friends and how well they are taking care of you. They are awesome and it makes those of us “far away friends” breath easier knowing many people are helping you.

    Honestly, I must REALLY be old, I couldn’t withstand the schedule you have: dr. visits, friend visits, nurse visits, Hickman visits 🙂 I’m exhausted!!!!

    God Bless you, you little sweeties.

  2. The homers that Albert hits are great, but a grand-slam by Yadi in the first game of the season…..now that’s something to remember! FYI — Apply for social security disability as early as possible. The process is slow and frustrating but success is possible if you are persistent. You are always in our prayers!

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