Yesterday morning I had to be at outpatient at 8:30, this time to get a chemo shot.  It took an hour and when I got home John & Ryan were just getting up…  I was thinking he would be ready to nap soon, I didn’t realize he sleeps until 10 for Dad.   We all ate a little breakfast then Skyped with Stacy for a bit.  After that it was already time for Ryan to take a nap afterall, he had woke up with a stuffy nose and I don’t think he was feeling that great.  I was able to take a much needed nap and it was wonderful.

Mom & Dad got into town around 6 and we immediately left to go eat at Red Lobster.   We came back home and it was a pretty early night, at least for me.  I was just wiped out.

Happy Easter!  John had to work today (he works Sunday through Thursday)  and I had outpatient chemo this morning.  This time it only took 15 minutes.  We met John’s parents, Amy & the kids, and Shannon & Kevin at 11 o’clock mass at the catholic church on the campus of MSU.  We go to mass there on holidays because it is not crowded.

After mass we let Ryan nap for a little bit before we headed over to Shannon & Kevin’s for the big BBQ.  I’m not going to lie, I took a little nap too.  I was not feeling that great.  Around 1:30 we headed over to eat some burgers, brats & hotdogs.  It was such a nice day to grill out.  Chris & Cindy (and their gang Loren & Tim) came over and we broke out the washers.  Mom & I were on a team vs. the Jims (My Dad & John’s Dad).  Mom & I won, the score 21 to 10, we pretty much dominated.

Ryan tried to help (that’s Chris with him), but his Grandpa’s still lost.  Even with his extra points for cuteness.

We were trying to get Ryan to lay down to take a nap there, and poor little buddy was just coughing and his nose has been runny all day.  After I tried for a while, John tried and came back with a baby covered in puke.  😦  We went home and got cleaned up and put Ryan down for a nap.  He was not the only one was sick, so Mama took a nap too.  I guess these chemo shots aren’t that friendly to me, even having taken a couple nausea pills today.

All in all, it was a good day.  Such beautiful weather!  It was fun to get outside and play, plus I got some sun on this bald head.


6 thoughts on “2:8-9

  1. Had some sun on my bald head over the weekend and if felt nice. I really like reading your blog and your disposition is awesome!!! Keep fighting, friend!

  2. Yay for the Saturday nap you snagged, but I’m sorry you felt crummy yesterday! I Skyped with my folks last night and told them all about my convo with Baby Winstead. Hope he (and you) are feeling better today, love!

  3. Glad you had a nice day with the family in spite of feeling “yucky” at times. Keep being good to yourself and take those frequent naps. Sleeping along with meds was the way Whitney got through her nausea!

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