Yesterday at 10AM it was back to outpatient to get another neupogen shot, this time it took 45 minutes.  I took this picture to give you a visual:

By the time I was finished, Elisha was already at my house.  It was so beautiful outside so we headed downtown to have lunch on the patio of Big Whiskey’s.  They have this buffalo chicken cheese dip… all I’m saying is if you live in Springfield you need to go eat some now.  After lunch we went to Target to find Ryan an Easter outfit, it was a success and I can’t wait to post pictures of him in it.  Our next stop was by IHS to have Jason take a look at my new laptop.  The disc drive was starting to come apart, but since Jason is a computer genius he fixed it in about ten minutes.  Thanks again Jason! We came back to the house and watched a couple things waiting for me on the DVR-  30 Rock and Modern Family.  Let me just say that if you haven’t watched Modern Family, you need to check it out.  It comes on Wednesday nights on ABC at 7 CST, or you can watch episodes online.  It is just hilarious, very well written, comparable to 30 Rock.  That night for dinner we went over to Chris & Cindy’s.  Chris is such a good cook, everything he makes is fantastic.  Yesterday he made pork tacos with all the fixin’s and homemade guacamole, yum.  After dinner we all played outside in the yard for a while, basically letting Ryan run himself to sleep.  Lisha and I decided to watch Donnie Darko, we’ve both wanted to watch that movie again for quite some time.  Lisha had never played Wii so after the movie we did a little Wii Fit, I cannot find Wii Sports so there was no bowling or tennis which was a little disappointing.  It was a fun day hanging with Elisha, my oldest friend, my maid of honor.  I am sure we have some younger pictures of us, but here’s a fun one:

We all got up a little before 8 and Elisha left to go back home. I fed Ry-Guy his breakfast and gave him a bath before I got myself ready.  I had to go to my Dr. first to see my counts.

WBC:  8.2  (thanks neupogen!)  Normal Range:  4.1- 10.9

Platelets:  97  (was a little low)  Normal Range:  140- 440

Hgb:  9.3 (was a little low)  Normal Range:  12-18

From the doctors office (6th floor) it was down to outpatient (2nd floor) to get another neupogen shot.  Total time:  2 hours.

I had to go to Wal-Mart to get some groceries and decided I’m going to start doing my grocery shopping online again through Price Cutter.  You pay $5 to pick up the groceries or for $10 they will deliver them to your house!  You spend that much picking up random things in the store and you don’t have to deal with the slowest checker ever, my new nemesis.

While I was out and about the boys got to take a good nap, I’m glad John got to catch up on his sleep, I know he’s worn out too.  We had lunch and then I got a call from my Aunt Sis and cousin Julie, they were in Springfield!  They came by for a few hours in the afternoon, it was great to see them and catch up.  I love hearing Sissy laugh, it’s so contagious like my Dad’s laugh.  🙂  Ryan napped for the first part of their visit and was being especially cute when he woke up.  He was being shy and then was doing something I’ve never really seen him do, show off.  I guess he’s done it for a couple minutes, but the whole time they were here he was looking over at them to make sure they were looking at him.  They are spending the night somewhere in Springfield even though I told them several times they could call me and come back over to stay.  We could have had a slumber party girls!


3 thoughts on “2:6-7

  1. Glad to know you had another good day! Your picture of the treatment center looks so much like the Siteman West center where I went with Whitney for her chemo for two years. Brought back lots of memories! She’s doing great and I am so happy for you that things are going great for you as well. Hang in there and know that there are lots of us out here who pray for you daily! Easter Blessings to you and your family! 🙂

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