I had outpatient chemo at 10 this morning, which surprisingly only took about 20 minutes!  I think it took me longer to find a parking spot than it did to get my treatment and get out.

I came home and was able to clean, do laundry, put away laundry, and get the house back in order.  I’ve had several people tell me about a program called Cleaning for a Reason– which offers free cleaning services to women with cancer.  Unfortunately, there are no maid services that offer this in the Springfield area.   That sucks because I really hate cleaning showers, I don’t mind everything else, but hate the showers.  Oh well.

I watched Up in the Air this afternoon, I thought it was pretty good.  While I was in the hospital we also started watching the Showtime series Weeds on Netflix online.  I’m loving Netflix.

Our friends Chad & Leann brought us dinner, beef stroganoff, oh man was it good.  With yeast rolls.  And brownies!  They also brought a special little treat for Ryan, which he destroyed. I didn’t get a good “before” picture of it, but it was two cookies with icing in between and on top to make a little monster.  Thanks guys!  I also have to thank my friend Kayti, who set up a “food calendar” to organize meals for us and sent it out to our friends.  It’s pretty awesome 🙂

After dinner we went to Sam’s to stock up on diapers, we stopped by John’s parents house for a minute, and finally by Shannon & Kevin’s to pick up our Rowdy dog.  Many thanks to them and their little dude Bentley for letting Rowdy hang out there for a few days.  Hopefully he wasn’t too much trouble.

Amy got me sock monkey slippers!  She was so excited she had to call and tell me and now that I see them, I can see why, they are adorable!  Thanks Amy, you take care of my kid, there is no need for you buy me cool things like sock monkey slippers and magnets, but I sure do appreciate it!

It was a great day and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, Elisha is coming to visit!  I’m off to sleep now, have a good night 🙂


8 thoughts on “2:5

  1. Good deals, all around! Those slippers are adorable!!! I watched Up in the Air two nights ago and so I’m typing this with a purpose. Have fun with Elisha today! Let’s talk soon!

  2. Slippers are too cute and such a great match for your sock monkey hat! Glad you hade a great day. Celebrating each one of those and praising God for His faithfulness!!! Have a great day, Laura!

  3. Laura,

    How adorable are those slippers…does Amy need another friend 🙂

    We are keeping up the prayers…students told me they all prayed for you last week at IMAC’s Senior Reteat. I love those kids.

    I love you.

  4. Also watched Up in the Air and a fan! Have you ever watched Freaks and Geeks – highly recommend adding that to your netflix. It will make you LMAO and maybe ROLF.

    Now that you have the slippers and hat…I am thinking we might get to see you and Ryan in your sock monkey outfits??


  5. So glad you had a great day all around. The slippers are super cute. I hope you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine todaa with your girlfriend.

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