2:4 – Home from the Hospital

Today was a great day!  Sara got into town at 10:30 and kept me company at the hospital while I was trying to get my discharge papers and chemo for the day.  It was noon and we were just waiting for the chemo pills that I had to take, so my RN Jackie told us to go to lunch and call her when we were finished.  We went to Cheddars for their fantastic chicken tenders then went back by the hospital to pick up the pills.  I got enough to take my dose for today and 2 more days.  I have to take it for the next 10 days so later this afternoon I got a call from a Walgreens in STL, they are overnighting the rest of the prescription to the house.  I guess this is not available in all of Springfield?

Amy & Jim met us at the house to drop off Ryan!  I was very happy to see my little man 🙂   We played for a few minutes, basically just long enough for me to show Ryan off to Sara, then it was nap time.   Sara and I spent the next couple hours hanging out in the basement, relaxing.  She left around 4:45 to go back home.  If you remember, this is the second time that Sara has come to visit, the first time being the night we decided to shave my head.  She left a lot later than she planned that trip and had to drive back in tornado warnings.  So she was on track to get back at the time she planned this time… until she got to 44 and turned around to see my pillows in the back seat…  So she turned around and headed back to my house.  As soon as John got home I got in the Nitro to meet her to hopefully save her a couple minutes.  So basically that cost her an hour of time and now she’ll get home too late to put her kiddos to bed.  She is the best.  Since all of this happened I couldn’t even begin to name all of the things she’s done for me — I’d need a separate blog.  She’s always been that way, whether I am sick or not, I couldn’t ask for a better friend. 🙂

I also came home to an awesome package from my friend Joanna – there is something to open everyday starting April 1st – I suspect picking up where Stacy left off.  😉  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.  I am very thankful.

I had to go to Wal-Mart tonight to fill some other prescriptions, which is scary since my WBC was so low:

WBC:  2.6

Platelets:  145,000

Hgb:  10.2

Lori from Prime sent John home with a delicious taco pie.  It was very nice not having to worry about dinner tonight since I had to pick up those prescriptions this evening and had a pretty busy day.  I have not met her, but she’s good cook, thanks Lori!

As I had mentioned yesterday, I didn’t think I’d have very many days that I would have to go to outpatient.  Well, I have to go the next three days to get a neupogen shot, which helps build up that WBC number.  Good news is with all of the outpatient I have to do this time, I can drive myself to it.

Tomorrow Ryan is going to go to work with John and go to the Prime Learning Center, which means I get the whole day to recover from the hospital stay, unpack, get the house clean and in order so I am thankful for that.


9 thoughts on “2:4 – Home from the Hospital

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad you made it home and get to have a productive day tomorrow. This reminds me, they just opened a cheddars up here – I need to go!

  2. I am so happy and thankful you are home and doing so well! Those true and loyal friends are the best, aren’t they? You are blessed indeed to have them!!! 🙂

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