Today was a really, really uneventful day as far as treatment goes.  Dr. Ellis stopped in at 12:30 and we talked about the plan — 2 pills and the shot today.  Again, before all of this I didn’t know anything about chemo or that it could even come in pill or shot form.

Tomorrow I get the spinal tap.  The procedure it’s itself should only take about a half hour or so, but what’s going to suck is the 4-6 hours after it I will have to spend laying flat on my back.  I guess there’s only a certain amount of fluid that should be in your spinal cord and brain so what they do is take some of that fluid out and replace it with the chemo.  Then you have to spend a lot of time laying there recovering to make sure you’re not sloshing that fluid around.  I also get the shot and pills tomorrow.

Tuesday I get to go home!  We are going to try to do the chemo shot early in the day so I can leave after that.  I take the pills for the first 14 days of this round of treatment which is great because most days that’s the only kind of chemo I have and I can take those at home and not have to go into outpatient.  In fact if I’m reading my schedule right I should only have to do outpatient for 8 days for the rest of this round.  Dr. Ellis said this round would be a lot easier than the last one and I guess he was right 🙂

I meant to post this picture last week when she did it, but Amy got some awesome purple extensions since I wouldn’t let her shave her head.  Purple because that is the color of the LLS- Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. How fun is that?

Today Kayti & Heather came up to visit.  We watched New Moon & ate popcorn like 13 year old girls and it was wonderful.  John stopped by for a minute after work and his one of his best friends James came by, he lives in Canada now.  They left and got some dinner but when they came back by after,  I don’t know what my deal was but I could not keep my eyes open.  They left so I could take a little nap.  John went by his parents house and got Ryan, they stopped by for literally 5 minutes on their way home so I could get some goodnight kisses from my boys.

All in all, it was a good day, just kind of sucks that I had to spend a whole day here for treatments that took less than one minute to administer.  Oh well, I will back home soon enough.  🙂


2 thoughts on “2:2

  1. Laura,
    So glad to hear this round of treatment will be a little easier. I had the spinal tap thing too but not for my cancer. Do exactly as the nurses tell you and do not even raise your head. The pancake headaches are not worth it. I suffered those for several months. So keep your head LOW.
    Always thinking of you, always praying for you. Love you.

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