2.1 – Second Round : Day 1

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I got a full 7 hours of sleep, woke up, ate breakfast, and Ryan helped me clean the house (see pictures over on baby winstead). He’s such a great little helper. Around 10:30 I had an appointment for the “home health” people to come change the dressing around my Hickman. It was the only appointment of the day and took an hour (I had a chatty one, it should only take like 20 minutes max). I did call Dr. Ellis’ office to make sure I didn’t need to pre-register or see if there was a certain time that I needed to be at the hospital and they told me they didn’t have any orders for me. Of course they didn’t. Why would they? They called me back later and told me it was set up and to show up at 8AM. They need to hire me to organize their office, pay me lots of money and just go ahead and take care of all of these medical bills while they’re at it.

We had lunch at Riad and I’m still amazed at how much Ryan loves baba ghanoush, he was wanting to eat it by the spoonful. After that we headed to the Rutledge-Wilson Farm, that’s one thing I love about Springfield, we have amazing parks. We saw chickens, ducks, turkeys, mini horses, goats and sheep. It’s so adorable to hear him “quack, quack, quack” or his other attempts at animal noises.

Later in evening we met Shannon & Kevin at SEAS (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton) for the church fish fry. We don’t see Kevin much these days since he’s so busy with tax season so I was happy to hang out with them. They came over later in the evening, John & Kevin had a beer or two and played some Modern Warfare on the Wii. Shannon & I hung out upstairs with my friend Lindsay, who came over to hang out and drop off a mix cd. I love getting to dive into some new music and getting to know new people who also have fantastic tastes in music, so thanks Lindsay 🙂

We also stopped by to visit with Ninny yesterday. Ninny’s real name is Shirley and she used to be Ryan’s full-time sitter. We haven’t seen her since the first day I went into the hospital and I know she misses him so much and Ryan misses her too. He was with her and waving bye to us, he was ready to stay. We didn’t visit for long, but I know I’m glad we at least stopped by or else she wouldn’t recognize him he’s growing and changing so much.

This morning we dropped Ryan off at Chris & Cindy’s at 7:30 and we were on our way to check into the hospital. We get there at 8 like I had been told but still had to wait over an hour before they have a room ready for me. (although it did give me time to play with a new iPhone photo app, as featured above) They didn’t have a room available on 5 West, the cancer floor, my floor, where I know all of my nurses. I had already talked to some of them on Facebook to see who was working this weekend and who wasn’t.  Right now I’m in 708, a little “isolation” room which isn’t bad but they are trying to get me back down to 5W.

Around 12:30 Dr. Ellis came to talk to me.  We are going to do 2 different kinds of chemo today, but are going to hold off on the one that I was nervous about.  The one that requires the spinal tap.   He wants to wait until Monday so he can work with his team, the people he knows.  He told me the second round of chemo should be a lot easier than the first round.  I told him if it weren’t for the steroid and all of the side effects from that, I don’t think the first round would have been bad.  I don’t think I’ll be put back on the steroid and we are changing all of my other meds a little bit too.  So Monday or Tuesday I’ll get the spinal tap, see how I’m doing with the other chemos, and as long as everything is fine I should be able to go home and do everything else outpatient.  He said we do this round twice, so basically the next 8 weeks, but sometime in there we still go talk to the folks at Barnes.

Evening update:  I got one kind of chemo in the IV, one in a shot, and another  in a couple pills.  I’m feeling alright, not good, not bad, I’m just really tired.  I got my labs for the day:

WBC: 3.5 – getting low again, but still not “have to wear a mask” low

Platelets:  189

Hgb:  9.7

And I am back on 5W where I belong.  Here is a pic of the new room, 522.


8 thoughts on “2.1 – Second Round : Day 1

  1. Whats the new iphone app? I have downloaded a few photo ones, but I like what you have posted. I hope you get back to 5W too. You need to be with your ladies.

    hugs and kisses,

  2. Man, I need to get me one of those new fangled iphones 🙂 I thought maybe you had done some photoshop magic! Hope all goes well with this round and the spinal tap stuff next week. I’ll be thinking about you!


  3. Glad you were able to find your way “home” on 5W with your nurses. I love the pics…esp the one of you and Ryan…..sooo cute! Your courage and attitude in all of this is truly inspiring. Multiple churches and prayer warriors continue to intercede on your behalf. Hang tough, Laura! — 🙂

  4. Glad they got you back on your floor! And glad to see your equipment is hooked up and ready to rock. Round two, she’s ready for you!

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