A Normal Day

Today was the first day in what my new “normal” day is going to be. I woke up and I wasn’t in pain, the day is already on it’s first step towards normalcy! I got up and got Ryan ready for John to take him over to his parents house before he goes to work. Amy takes care of breakfast and morning play time at the in-laws house. This gives me a little bit of time for myself in the morning.

She will then bring Ryan & Cashel over for morning nap time, which today she was over around 9AM. Nap time is generally 10’ish for an hour or so, after nap time is lunch time, then play time in the basement. Afternoon nap time is in the 2 o’clock vicinity. Today Amy & I spent nap time watching 500 Days of Summer (finally!), I have to admit I dozed off for about 15 minutes during it, but I thought it was really, really good!

I thought today was really fun and it will work out perfectly on all of the “normal” days when I have no doctors appointments or outpatient or whatever else. It was great watching the boys play together, they crack me up. Monkey see, monkey do. I will be adding a video to the baby winstead blog as soon as I get the software on my new laptop…

What’s not so normal is having sushi delivered to your house! Our friend Krystal brought over Haruno for dinner, which was AWESOME! It was sooo good and I can’t say thanks enough to how supportive she’s been 🙂 After such a great dinner, John & I decided to make it into a date night and Cindy came over around 7 to play with then put Ryan to bed while we went to a movie. We saw Crazy Heart at the Moxie, and I still can’t believe that is the first time we’ve ever been there (it’s an independent theater in downtown Springfield). I thought the movie was pretty good, John didn’t care for it, but it was nice for the two of us to have a night out. Thanks to Cindy for watching Ryan.

My cousin Richie in DeSoto started a Relay for Life team for the event in Festus on May 7th. Funny story… I was going to sign myself and John up, but was curious about how many people could be on a team so I thought if I act like I’m going to create a new team, then I’ll find out the answer. I started to do that then realized it wasn’t giving me any more information than if I were just to join the team so I thought I aborted that and moved to to just joining the team Richie set up – team name “Sampsonite”. Well, instead I created a whole new Relay team called “Test” that includes myself and John. So I spent most of my morning before Amy brought the kids over on the phone trying to get that cleared up. The lady who can fix it won’t be back until next week so until then I guess we’ll just pretend we’re on the right team.
Here is the link to check out the team page: Relay for Life – Sampsonite You can join, donate, or even start your own team if you want — it’s really easy to set up 🙂

Amy also started a Relay for Life team here in Springfield – “Come Together” (sorry Rich, we’re using that idea here too). I correctly registered for this team! Here is the link to check out this team page: Relay for Life – Come Together. We need some team members people!
This event is on May 14th, with a 5k the next day. Amy is doing the 5k. Me?


5 thoughts on “A Normal Day

  1. But what if I want to donate to Team Test? 🙂

    Glad you had a day of normal. In fact, to me, it sounded like a day of greatness. You have very thoughtful friends and family! Loves to you, Laura!

  2. Sooo happy for you and giving thanks to God for continued answered prayers! In addition to the “big prayer” for your absolute healing, there have been many prayers for relief of pain, peace and joy for your family, and ALL are being answered! Many people love you and are “standing strong in the gap” on your behalf (and, yes, we are here for the long haul!). God is good…..ALL the time!!!!!

  3. Hey Laura – I’m a friend of Stacy’s from VA. She told me about what’s going on and sent me your link, so I’ve been chekcing up on you and praying faithfully for a full and speedy recovery, for strength to play with and love on your little fella (I have a 2 year old too – Lallie Beth) and just a renewed joy in life. And will keep praying……
    Your new friend from Asheville, NC 🙂

  4. Hallelujah, our prayers are being answered, THANK YOU LORD!! I just got caught up on what’s been going on. You sometimes have me laughing out loud with your humor!!! I have to say when I got to the part of where Takara came into the picture I was surprised because I have only heard that name one time and that was from a childhood friend of ours that named her daughter that and ironically yes our childhood friend is Cindy. Cindy did do an awesome job on the hat, it’s nice to know that the years haven’t taken away her goofiness! I’m very happy for you Laura!! Take good care!!

  5. Laura Beth,
    sorry I haven’t talked to you since you got the news, but I have been thinking about you constantly and reading to keep updated. You look great (only really pretty girls can pull off the no hair thing, but you got it going ON!), sound great, and have a great attitude. I can relate to the numbness thing and prednisone, and my heart is with you. You are in remission, but I won’t stop thinking about you. Keeping posting the pictures, that’s how I know your doing OK, your always smiling.
    -Amy (the cousin)-

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