Day 24- Sunday

Yesterday I mentioned that I went to sleep at 1:30 and woke up at 4 with aching in my knees and elbows. That is exactly the same thing that happened this morning except add in my ankles and wrists plus not being able to go back to sleep with the pain pills. I got up, took a bath and read for a while, did my nails, organized some photos, and wrote some cards all before Mom & Dad even got up for early mass!

The good thing is that I am sleepy during the day now and was able to get a little nap in while Ryan was taking his morning nap…and then another little afternoon cat nap. Jeff, Kristin, Jack & Cooper brought by some delicious taco soup in the afternoon and then our neighbor Erin brought by some spaghetti pie in the evening. It was the perfect way to get to spend some time relaxing with Mom & Dad before they went home this afternoon. Thanks guys!

Two of my oldest friends from De Soto came down for the afternoon – Takara and Emmylou. Takara figured out that we have been friends for 22 years. That cannot possibly be the case because I’m not even 22 years old. It was fantastic as always to catch up with them and do what we do best when we’re all together – laugh. 🙂 It really made me happy to see them and really makes me miss being close to everyone at home at the same time. Kind of bitter sweet.

I have to admit, Takara’s Mom Cindy found a hat that’s going to be hard to top. Where did you find a sock monkey hat?! I love it!

That reminds me of a joke… Stop me if you’ve heard this one…
Q: What did the hat say to the hat rack?
A: You stay here, I’m gonna go on a head!


8 thoughts on “Day 24- Sunday

  1. Hey Laura – that hat becomes you! I hope Ryan can still wear his little hat from his Halloween costume (that is what inspired me to get that – he was so adorable – cutest little sock monkey I have ever seen!).

    Patty Berry Rhodes, a very talented person that lives here in DeSoto made that hat, and she makes many more. She said to tell you she would be glad to make some others for you as well. She has a charity started in honor of her Aunt Linda (Aunt Linda’s Lids – you can find it on Facebook) who also has cancer. I gave her a “donation” for the hats but she says she is happy to give them to anyone who is undergoing chemo.

    I am glad you all got to visit today. I was reminded of when you all were so young and we would be unloading Takara’s backpack after school and she would have this little scrap of paper with a phone number on it. I asked what that number was and she told me it was the phone number of a girl named Laura in her class, and that she wanted to be friends. I thought that was so cute back then. I am glad that you two became friends, and our families got to be friends too.

    Keep the faith Laura – you will get through this!
    Love ya,

  2. I had so much fun with you today!! When you laugh about things till you cry it is a guaranteed good day! 🙂 It was fun spending the day around Ryan too, he is adorable. We definitely miss you being “home” too.

  3. Love the sock monkey hat!!! I knew it was on it’s way to you, but seeing that picture makes my morning…absolutely adorable!!! Glad you had such a good visit with friends. True loyal friends are rare gems to be treasured. Thankful you are so blessed! We keep prayin’ for ya girl!

  4. Laura,

    How adorable you look. I’m glad you are not having a “cute-ness contest” between you and Ryan. It would be a tie!

    Love you, girly-girl.

  5. Thanks for the fun times Laura! It is impossible to be friends for 22 years when I’m not even old enough to drive right?? 🙂

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