Day 21- Ryan’s home!

I was so excited for Ryan to come home in the morning that sleep last night wasn’t really happening from insomnia or not. It was around 4AM before I fell asleep, having taking another sleeping pill around 2’ish? Ryan had spent the night with Cindy and she dropped him off at 7 AM and we got a little snuggle time before breakfast. This is me on days and days of next to no sleep – no judging. πŸ™‚

We ate breakfast and played for a few minutes, but I just had to take a nap before my doctors appointment at 11. This was the first time I have actually, really met with my doctor. And I feel like we got a “game plan” of sorts worked out.

I had some blood work done today to make sure that I’m still set for outpatient chemo tomorrow, however my “DIC” levels (something to do with blood clotting) is a little low so instead John will be going with me while I get some sort of blood situation. They told us to expect this to last all day.

Otherwise other labs are good:
WBC: 8.5
Platelets: 180
Hbg: 11.5

I will be starting to wean off the prednisone (steroids) tomorrow. This is done gradually over 9 days, might make me feel crappy, but hopefully that means I get more sleep. But as you will read later, puts me off the day I would be scheduled to go back into the hospital and I wonder if I start them again once I’m in…

Monday morning I will get labs to make sure I’m good to go and if I get the green light, I will get my last outpatient chemo of the first round right after that.

Tuesday morning I will get another bone marrow biopsy. I’m not sure how long it takes to find out the results of whether or not I’m in remission at this point, but either way I will be starting my second round of chemo on or around Saturday the 27th. I will be in the hospital for at least the first 4 days of the second round. He had mentioned that days 8-12 of the treatment could be in the hospital too, so I am going to plan on that, even though he said there’s a good chance we could do that outpatient.

The other news is at the end of this second round in Mid-April, and only as long as I’m in remission at this point, we will start having consulting with Barnes Hospital in St. Louis about a stem cell transplant. I really have little to no information about this step in the process, when it may happen, so on an so forth… I will update you all as I know more, but right now I’m taking things week by week at most.

I’m looking forward to my Dad coming in town tomorrow and getting to spend more time with my baby this weekend. Who may just get his first haircut… πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Day 21- Ryan’s home!

  1. “Otherwise labs are good.” ??? Otherwise labs are AWESOME!!! Wooot! So glad sweet Ryan James is home, that’s got to be amazing. That’s good news about the prednisone; I’ve taken it several times throughout my life for asthma stuff and it just makes you feel so not yourself. Plus, you run the risk of ‘roid rage. πŸ™‚

  2. Have to add an AMEN to Stacy’s “wooot”!!! So happy for you that your baby is home. Awesome picture…sleep deprived or not you look beautiful…quite the radiant mommy!!! The stem cell thing sounds soooo exciting…my old nurse mind doesn’t know as much about that treatment as I would like to, but what little I know sounds very promising. We’re keeping up the prayers and and I KNOW God is listening! πŸ™‚

  3. Wanted to let you know my mom did a stem cell transplant with my uncle when he had Lymphoma, although she was on the other side (donating) you are more than welcome to talk with her… she said you could email her with any questions you may have, thought it might be helpful and more easy if it seems fimiliar.. Megan Martin

  4. Laura, I’m so excited that Ryan got to come home! I pray that today is a good day for you. I hope you get to enjoy some of the sunshine!

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