Maybe I should take up a second language

With all of the insomnia, it just seems like a waste of time not to not learn a new skill or do something to better myself. My New Years resolution this year was to do new things, and I did. Jim (father-in-law), Shannon (sister-in-law) and myself all are interested in photography so we enrolled in a class at the local junior college, OTC. I was able to go to that for a few weeks before this all started, but we hadn’t yet got to a lot of the things I was wanting to learn. I had made Shannon let me take some engagement pictures for them last fall, and I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m sharing them, but I wanted to show off a little of what I was wanting to improve upon: Shannon & Kevin’s amateur engagement pictures

I joined a book club. The first year of Ryan’s life I had convinced myself I didn’t have time to read. When we went to Shannon’s wedding in Key West last November, I knew I needed a book for the 4 hours layover. After months of relentlessly torturing my friend Heather for reading Twilight, I asked to borrow it. I bought New Moon in the Miami airport on the way back. I finished all 4 in about 4 weeks. I did have time to read, it just mean less DVR. Book club gave me a chance to hang out with some cool ladies, meet new people and maybe educate myself a little in the meantime. The meetings are only once a month, so I hope it works out I get to go to the next one.

So now the question becomes, what should I learn to do since I apparently have several more hours in my day? The next thing I for sure want to get done is to clean up my iTunes library from switching all of my music to the new laptop. A tedious but very accomplished goal once complete, I’m talking album art and everything. And speaking of music, I upgraded the blog to be able to add songs when I feel like it. This song doesn’t really have any specific meaning, just one of my favorites over the past few months.

On Call – Kings of Leon

Listen and think of some suggestions for things I should learn or things you would like to do if you had more time!


10 thoughts on “Maybe I should take up a second language

  1. Laura,

    I borrowed Rosetta Stone Spanish from our library a couple of summers ago. It was great. Have you thought of Knitting? It is easy to pick up and put down.

    Have a great Tuesday. Love you.

  2. I feel like I really contributed to you broadening your horizons. In fact, new moon comes out this month and you better believe it I’ll be bringing it over for a viewing because I like it when you morph into a warewolf!

  3. I think you better refrain from the whole morphing into a werewolf….you can’t afford anymore bruises!! Sounds like you’ve had a rough couple of days….but looks like they are brightening up!! Hopefully you will have a good Ryan update for us later!!

    Been thinking about you lots the past several days!!

  4. Video editing is something fun. I started doing it last year and it’s very addicting. If you have a camera you can shoot video with it’s super easy to upload the files and then use “Final Cut” or on a Mac iMovie to edit them together with music, etc.

  5. Amy and I (all of us) send you love every day. Get me an email address so we can talk when I can’t sleep at 3AM. Love, courage and strength.

  6. I would love to help! I wouldn’t recommend learning Portuguese, since is not very popular … but I could be your pen pal in Spanish.

  7. If I had extra hours in the day, I’d read more, write more, watch TV, eat, sleep and relax. Sounds like you’re right on track except for those last two, darling! 🙂

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