Day 19

Last night I fell asleep early, around 9:30! I woke up at 12:30, which I was kind of expecting. After a little snack and taking another sleeping pill around 3, I was able to go back to sleep until 8:30! While we got most of my insulin issues figured out yesterday at outpatient, I still didn’t have my sliding scale. When I woke up my blood sugar was at 54 so I called the diabetes specialist to get the details. We are no longer doing the morning shot that lasts all day (40 units), and we are no longer doing the set 8 units before every meal. Instead, I measure it before I eat and take insulin as needed below:

140-199: 2 units
200-249: 4 units
250-299: 6 units
300-349: 8 units
350 + : 10 units

So, as you can probably see, it’s a surprise I’m not in a diabetic coma. Since I’ve been home I know it has not been over 200 for sure. I have been pumping my body full of insulin all day, every day and really don’t even need any of it. I have not had to give myself a shot once today. Although, Chris & Cindy brought fajitas over for dinner and I was so excited I forgot to test it before I ate, but even right after eating it was 150’ish. Have I mentioned that I love them? Have I mentioned we couldn’t do this without them?

Mom and I had an enjoyable day. We went to Wal-Mart because I was already in need of a couple refills of prescriptions and we picked up the few things we missed the other day. We went to the post office, Mom went next door to Fashion Bug and found some jeans, and then we went to Micheal’s. I am forced to be away from Ryan since he’s sick (and if he were around it would be impossible for me not to touch him), so I’m looking at this as forced vacation days. Meanwhile, Amy and the in-laws are taking care of my sick baby boy dealing with all the stress. Have I mentioned that I love them? Have I mentioned we couldn’t do this without them?

Hopefully Amy got a little break, she did come over and hang out with Heather and me while we watched American Idol. (Which I’m not loving this season…)

The plan is that Ryan will stay with Amy & the in-laws all day tomorrow and then he will spend the night with Cindy tomorrow night. Then Thursday morning he will come back happy and healthy and we can maybe, finally pretend things are semi-normal!


5 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I’m not loving Idol either. I’m crossing my fingers it gets better. I was none too pleased when Lilly got kicked off last week.

    Give my email to the DeSoto clan. I’m definitely in for the Relay!!!

  2. Have I mentioned that I love you? Have I mentioned that I can’t do without you? So glad you have so much support…can’t wait til Ryan is feeling better.

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