Day 18- First Outpatient Chemo

Last we left off we were hoping that Ryan’s fever would go down while staying with John’s parents & Amy. Amy let me know this morning that my little buddy woke up with a 103.7 fever (The highest fever he’s ever had!) and that we needed to get him into the doctor. His office doesn’t open until 8:30, but I called first thing and got him in at 9:45. John’s dad took him and they think it’s just a virus, at least they ruled out strep throat. So in the mean time they are just going to be pumping him full of fluids and let the fever run it’s course. They said that it’s generally a 5 day cycle, so if we’re assuming that it started on Saturday he is going to have to stay over at their house until Wednesday. It’s a terrible feeling to have someone else take care of your sick kid, especially when my nieces and nephews are in the house with him too, but I can’t be around him right now 😦

Last night was the first time I felt nauseous since all of this started. I know it’s because my blood sugar levels are out of control from the steroids I’m on. I’ve explained it before, but basically the dose of insulin I have to take every morning is supposed to work hand-in-hand with the steroids to balance it out all day/ night – it’s a long lasting insulin. But what happens is while a normal person will use this insulin over say, 14 hours, my body takes it longer to use so I wake up in the middle of the night with my blood sugar levels being low. Then I have to give myself insulin before every meal. I’m no doctor, but I can tell you my body does not need this much insulin. At 11 PM it was 74, so I had some pretzels and apple juice, even though I didn’t want to eat. And 11:30 was the first time I got sick. I woke up around 12:30 and it was 74, sometime in the next hour I ate a granola bar on my night stand. At 2:30 I woke up and it was 54, which is scary low. I got up, had some OJ and a graham cracker. So basically I get up every couple hours trying to eat something I didn’t want to.

Then this morning came and I really didn’t want to eat anything, but having to take like 7 pills and two shots of insulin, I knew I would have to. So I took all of my pills with a glass of OJ, took one bite of a granola bar, but didn’t keep any of it down. Then we got to the car and headed for my outpatient chemo here in the Hulston Cancer Center.

It being my first time coming in for treatment I didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s just a big room with recliners and they hook up your tubes to your IV and you get your treatment and leave. However, I told them I have some flu-like symptoms, so they took me back to a little room. First of all, these beds are a million times more comfortable than the bed I had to sleep in for 3 weeks and they have Comedy Central on this TV.

So when I first got here, there was some confusion with my orders. I guess Dr. Ellis and the doctor who had released me had ordered the chemo for different days. They were going to have to call Dr. Ellis at home and in the meantime took about 100 things of blood for different tests. The first thing they determined is that I needed potassium, that is a slow drip IV so it takes 4 hours to get. The next thing we got figured out was my insulin. Thank God! We are stopping the insulin every morning and moving to a “sliding scale” before I eat (before I gave myself the same amount no matter what I was eating). That in itself I think will make me feel a million times better.

I’ve felt kind of lost without my daily lab counts, so it felt good to get those numbers:

WBC: 9.1
Platelets: 175 (Whoa! Go platelets!)
Hbg: 11

I am finishing up my pre-meds for the chemo I’m going to be getting in a few minutes. It will take an hour to get the chemo, and then I just found out they have to monitor my vitals for every 15 minutes for an hour when that is done. A much, much longer than expected day here, but I am confident that fixing all of my issues with the insulin will make a world of difference, especially with sleeping! And all of that only lasts as long as I’m on the steroid and I think we are going to be weaning off of that starting Thursday.

Let’s all pray that Ryan starts feeling better! And poor John, I know he’s exhausted too since he doesn’t sleep well when I don’t. Let’s just all have a nice relaxing Monday night.. like Stacy reminds me:


6 thoughts on “Day 18- First Outpatient Chemo

  1. Hi, You are cracking me up with your, “Whoa, Go platelets!!” LOL. Hope your night is better than your day. Keep on keepin on. Love you girl & always thinking about you:) Love, Sara

  2. Laura, I’m so glad you showed that sign from your friend. We knew there would be bad days. They will pass. If you need anything I’ll be there!!!!!!! We love you and Ryan hope you both get better soon! Love Rhonda

  3. Laura,

    Hoping Ryan feels better soon so he can be back home with his mama! Stay strong and keep fighting! I admire you so much! Your updates complete my day. Looking forward to seeing you soon–miss you!


  4. Sorry, to hear about Ryan!! I hope he starts feeling better soon!! I know it’s gotta be rough for you not being able to be with him while he is sick, but in the long run it will work out! So, everything went well today it sounds like!! Except of course for some slight confusion, LOL! Hope you feel as well this time as you did last time!! Take care!! Kendra

  5. Laura,
    I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. I hope Ryan makes a speedy recovery so he can come home and give you some lovin!!

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