Day 17 – Sunday

This morning started with wondering what Ryan’s temperature was after his high of 102.0 last night. This morning it was 101.1 so we decided it was best for him to spend the day/night with John’s parents. He has been doing pretty good throughout the day, but not wanting eat a whole lot. This evening the fever has been going down more so whatever it is, I’m hoping it’s on it’s way out.

Maureen (John’s Mom) is a teacher at Immaculate Conception and while we were dropping off Ryan this morning, she gave me some homemade cards from the kids at the school, they were all very sweet:

I also needed to add a picture of the flower my friend Jamie (JG) made to add to the vase – it’s Cardinal red because baseball season is starting soon 🙂

Mom & I went to Wal-Mart with a giant list and knocked that out, it feels good to have a stocked house and that out of the way. This afternoon I took a 20 minute nap, watched 30 Rock, and just tried to relax. Chris & Cindy brought a delicious roast over for dinner and then we went to Andy’s.

My plan for the rest of the evening is to take a sleeping pill and maybe even try out the nausea medicine they gave me that I haven’t had to use since I’ve been home. Several hours of uninterrupted sleep would be magical, and I have my first round of outpatient chemo in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Day 17 – Sunday

  1. I hope all goes well tomorrow with chemo and that Ryan gets to come back home…and that you get a good night’s sleep. Thanks for keeping us posted, it’s so nice to know how everything is going 🙂 Nighty night!

  2. Thanks for the pic of the flower – I was worried how it would mail. Hope Ry-guy gets to feeling better! Glad you had a productive weekend. Goodluck tomorrow with the inhome chemo. XOXO.

  3. Thinking of you this morning. Although, we are only acquaintances I have felt for your story since we have a lot in common with our small families. I hope that we can have a team for you at Relay for Life this year. I will definitely be there and/or help organize.

  4. Laura, dear Laura,

    I spent Saturday in StL. I thought of you the entire time.
    Glad your weekend at home went OK. Here’s praying for Ryan to get well quickly, your at-home treatments to go smoothly, and for your family to have peace and rest. My love to John too.

    Per your email: You just say the word, girl.

    Love you.

  5. Laura,
    I’m pulling for you and praying for you constantly. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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