Keep your fingers crossed…

This morning the rounding doctor came into the room and pulled up a chair beside my bed. I thought it was going to be bad news, but then she told me my labs for the day:

WBC: 5.1
Platelets: 37
Hbg: 9.7

Basically my white blood cells went from 1.2 to 5.1 overnight! I was afraid that a swing that big meant that something was wrong, but instead it means if all goes well with my chemo in the morning after being monitored through the afternoon… I will get to go home tomorrow night!!

I will have to continue to come in for my chemo treatments in the outpatient center or maybe even daily to be given some of the other shots I have to get such as Neupogen (to continue to build the WBC) or the steroids, it’s all too early to know the details just yet. What I do know is that I had to spend an hour talking to an old lady about how to give myself insulin shots since my blood sugar levels will still have to be manually controlled. I had to practice giving myself a shot in the belly and as weird as it sounds, it will be no problem for me to do. I will have to test my blood sugar several times a day like I did when I was pregnant so I’m an old pro at that too. I’ll give myself a hundred shots a day to be home with Ryan.

It’s going to be like after I had Ryan (c-section) and I’m carrying laundry up and down the stairs, vacuuming, thinking I can do it all two days after I’m home. Mom is going to be staying with us through next week basically to force me to rest. Plus my sister-in-law Amy is here to help with Ryan so I am confident between the two of them, and John and Cindy and everyone else, they won’t let me get too worn down. It’s going to be like when little buddy was a newborn, when he’s napping, so am I. Or maybe I’ll be blogging or on Facebook, but at least I’ll do it from bed 🙂

I am very excited to share the news so keep those fingers crossed that my levels stay that high so I can go home for a few days!


13 thoughts on “Keep your fingers crossed…

    • Laura you are truly amazing!!! This will pass and you will live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! Take your time in recovery with Mom. We love all of you!! All time is precious when your with the people that you love. Try to enjoy it. Rhonda & Danny Ray

  1. Laura,

    What AMAZING news. I did laugh at your line, “I will give myself 100 shots to be with Ryan.” Truly amazing love story. He is the sweetest little guy I know: I’m so happy he’s yours.

    Love you

  2. Laura,
    Each time I talk to Chris H. I ask him how you are doing? I am pleased to hear you are doing better today and going home soon. There is no place like home……..and friends. Keep up the faith,keep hope in your heart and my God bless you again and again and again and again and again and again etc. forever………………………………. Chris & Carmen

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