Day 10

There are many side effects of chemo and luckily, I haven’t experienced most of them yet. One of the more common things that happen is that sores develop in your mouth since those cells turn over very quickly. So 4 times a day I have to gargle with this baking soda/ salt combo and then swish and swallow a OJ-looking substance that tastes like Pepto Bismo. I started feeling like I was getting a little sore last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with my whole left jawline hurting and by this morning that side of my face was visually swollen. My Dr. stopped in this morning and seemed to think it could more along the lines of a small infection since today my WBC count is really low.

WBC: 2.9

Platelets: 17

Hgb: 10.1

So this morning was pretty rough. They started me on some antibiotics, and I felt like I had a fever. I was freezing, I put on several layers of clothes and had several blankets and went from shaking to sweating. I did not want to eat breakfast but because my high blood sugar levels (from the steroids) and the resulting insulin shots, I had to force down a couple bites. They gave me pain pills and I was in and out of consciousness until about 10 AM.

Mom, Dad and my Aunt Linda got into town shortly after and I was feeling much better by that point. I ate lunch, took a shower, and my cousin Dustin came by and we all spent the afternoon visiting. Dad and Linda left to go back home around 2:30, but Mom is staying all week to help. I am happy to have her here.

My friends Cassie and Heather came after the family left, and it was great to see them and to get some decorations for my room :). John is still sneezing and not feeling 100% so there is another day of not seeing my husband. He did buy a webcam so I guess I can start Skyping with him. Ryan was ready for bed by 7 PM tonight and so I did not see him again today. He needs to catch up on his rest and I feel like I need to as well, although it would be fantastic if maybe we could cuddle and rest together.

I am now officially to the point of being heavily monitored since my WBC is below 3. They took my flowers out of the room onto a cart outside my door, and anytime I leave my room I have to wear a mask. That’s a weird feeling, I think just because it makes me look a lot weaker than I actually feel.