Day 9

What a difference a good night’s rest makes!  I have been having lots of issues with sleep because as I had mentioned, insomnia is a side effect of the steroid I have to take daily.   We’d been working with the nurses to come up with some kind of cocktail of sleeping drugs to help me stay asleep all night.  Combos of pain pills, Xanax, Ambien… nothing was really doing the trick.  I’d wake up a couple hours into the night and my body would be out but I can’t turn my mind off.  It is like an out of body experience and most mornings I’d wake up feeling sort of hung over.   Last night we did some pain pills and Xanax, then another Xanax at 4:30 in the morning when they come into take blood samples for the next days tests.  The combination of that, plus last night was the first night I had my body pillow with me, resulted in a morning that didn’t start in a fog.

And it’s a good thing I was well rested because my cousins Tracy and Lee came down this morning to visit!  We spent the day talking and laughing, recalling some crazy times we have had together 🙂  We had McSalty’s pizza (w/ ranch) for lunch and finally got around to checking out the library on the floor.  They didn’t have many good books, but has a living room type set-up that was a good place to visit outside of the room.  I’ve decided that will be the perfect place to start visiting with Ryan.

John isn’t feeling well again today, but himself and Shannon (John’s sister) were nice enough to bring lunch up to us and join us while we ate.  While one hug a day from my husband isn’t optimal, it was great to at least see him for a few minutes since we’ve decided it’s best for him not to come up and stay again tonight.

Ryan is staying with our awesome family friends Chris & Cindy tonight, giving John, Amy (sister-ln-law) & the Grandparents (Jim & Maureen) a break from the little monster 🙂  Cindy and Ryan will be visiting after dinner and I am very much looking forward to getting some hugs and kisses from my baby.

I am starting to feel tired now, but have felt pretty awesome all day.  I didn’t have chemo today,  but had to get more platelets because my counts for that are still really low:

Daily Labs:

WBC:  3.6

Platelets:  7

Hgb:  9.9


5 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Laura-Brad and I have been thinking about you! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Dr. Ellis was my father’s doctor and we really think alot of him! I know those nurses on the 5th floor are awesome! I hope they are taking wonderful care of you! We are hoping to come visit you in the next couple of day! Please let us know if we can do anything at all to help!!!! If John needs help with Ryan, housework, laundry, etc. I really mean it!!!! Keep your positive attitude and know that you have lots of people thinking about you and your boys right now!!!

  2. Loved our visit today!! You continue to amaze me everyday. You looked wonderful and looked as if you felt wonderful!! I hope we didn’t wear you out and you got to enjoy your visit with Ryan. I’ll hopefully be talking to/texting you soon. I know things are going to kind of be on a week-by-week basis, if not day-by-day basis, but Lee and I were thinking about trying to come back the second weekend in April….ONLY and ONLY if you are up for it. I realize we’ll have to wait and see, but wanted you to know it won’t be another 2-1/2 years before we make it back. Love you very much and keep up your EXCELLENT work!! We’ll be in touch.

  3. Hey Lowa-Glad you were feeling good today. Thanks for doing these updates…It’s so good to know what is going on.
    I thought about you a lot on my ten mile run this morning (so I had a lot of time to think).
    Glad you are getting some outside catering. How is the hospital food?

  4. The hospital food really isn’t terrible and what’s cool is it’s room service on this floor. So I don’t have to worry about deciding what I want really early in advance and can just order what sounds good at the time.

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