Day 8

Last night John spent the night with me, but when he woke up this morning he wasn’t feeling well.   He went home to take a nap and may have a bit of a fever.  It sucks he’s not feeling well,  and is also a major bummer since it’s his day off and just to be safe, we won’t see each other tonight.  There must be something going around because my father-in-law Jim isn’t feeling well either today and since that’s where Ryan is, to be safe I won’t see him today either.   That’s the bad news of the day.

The good news of the day is that my friends Kayti and Tom brought me sushi (UMI – Touchdown and Geisha rolls) for lunch.  It was fantastic food and company 🙂

I received two different kinds of chemo today and will be getting platelets and blood tonight.  Here are my counts for the day:
WBD:  3.8

Platelets: 19

Hgb:  8.7

I am still feeling pretty good, but maybe having less and less energy.  Still no nausea, still a good appetite.  Still keeping on keeping on.

I think tonight I’ll give myself a manicure and pedicure,  read “The Happiness Project” and try to go to bed early 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Laura, I’m so glad you have this blog, I’ve been checking it every day to see how you’re doing. Love the pic of you and Ryan! Hopefully everyone gets to feeling better soon so you can hold him again. Sounds like you are kicking ass and taking names…but I expect nothing else out of you! You have my prayers and thoughts daily…


  2. Hi Laura,

    I’m thinking and praying for you! I’ve been following your blog. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I want to send you a card. What’s your address? I couldn’t find you in the phone book.



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